Below are answers to questions you may have about The Embroidery Club.

I am having trouble logging in - please help!

In order to log in, you need to visit this link and enter:

1. Your email address

2. Your password (Forgot your password? Reset it here.)

Note: If your account was created prior to June 2019, you will need to create a new password. The Embroidery Club is now under new ownership; for your security, passwords and credit card information were not part of the data that was transferred over to our new site. You will still have access to your account and previous purchases, however you will need to create a new password to log in to your account. To do this, simply visit this link and enter your email address. You’ll receive an email from us titled “Password Reset Request for The Sewing Collection” that includes instructions for creating a new password. (If you do not receive this email in your inbox, please check your junk folder). If you did not have an account on our previous site, you will need to register by creating a new account.

Where are the designs I've purchased, and how do I download the files?

The designs you’ve purchased can be accessed in your “My Account” dashboard. There will be a link to this in the navigation bar after you log into your account. For step-by-step instructions for locating and downloading your files, visit our Download Help page.

If you have any questions or concerns, or if there are designs missing from your account, please contact us via our Contact Us page.

What is The Embroidery Club?

Learn all about The Embroidery Club on our About Us page.

Where can I send questions about my account?

For questions about any Embroidery Club issue, please contact us via our Contact Us page.

What payment options do you accept?

We accept PayPal as well as the following credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Please note that charges from The Embroidery Club will be from Hoffman Media.

Are purchases made through this site secure?

Yes, this site conforms to SSL security standards. Please note that your full credit card number is never stored on our servers. For added security, our employees never have access to your full credit card number.

When will I receive new designs as part of my Embroidery Club subscription?

New designs will be released to current Embroidery Club subscribers in periodical installments during the calendar year. When new designs are released, they will be added to your Embroidery Club account and you will receive an email notification. If you do not receive this email, please check your junk folder. If you are still having trouble, please let us know via our Contact Us page.

Can I get a refund on my purchase?

Because of the digital nature of these products, which can be downloaded and kept forever immediately after you purchase, we cannot offer refunds after purchase. If you are having any problems with your designs, we will work with you to ensure that you have working design files.

My subscription was grandfathered in at a lower price on the old site. Will I still be able to renew my subscription at that price?

No. The Embroidery Club is under new ownership; for your security, passwords and credit card information were not part of the data that was transferred over to our new site. For this reason, you will need to start over with a new subscription purchase at the current price point. You will, however, be able to regain access to all the collections you previously purchased on the old site.

How can I see what designs I'm getting in my membership or annual collection?

Go to any annual collection page to see all designs included in that year’s membership. Click on the individual groups to see all designs within that group.

How can I change my email address or password?

Log in to your account and go to the “My Account” link in the upper right-hand corner of the site. Next, select “Update Password” and make your changes there. When you are finished making your changes, click the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page.